Saturday, 2 July 2011

Veggie Shade house is finished

I must say that putting the shade netting on went much better than I anticipated. I was expecting Neil and I to have a big fall out but we are still talking!

We even managed to create a roll up door which I am particularly proud of. Now I just have to plant out the seedlings. At this rate I may get Sunday afternoon off!


Lee said...

Hi! Your shade house looks good. We are designing ours at present - where did you get your shade-cloth? What percentage shade is it? I wanted to go with 30% white, but have only found 30% in black or green. I am in the hinterland outside Cooroy.

Selina said...

Hi Mark,

After a lot of searching if found this supplier

Then go to the retail tab at the top.

I bought the 6m x 6m insect screen to go over the arches and this is Shade: Translucent 15% (± 3%). And the vege net x 2 which are 5m x 2.87m to go at each end and they are Shade: White 21% (± 2%).
They sell their retail products on ebay which is where I ordered them from and they were delivered in 3 days.
It only cost $93 inc delivery for the whole lot.

I think they will provide enough protection from the summer sun and keep out the unwanted critters. I suppose only time will tell.

Judi B said...

Looks really good, I have everything to do a shadehouse here and I just can't wait for it to be done but other things are more important just now.

Selina said...

Hey, Judi B! It only took us about 4 hours a day to build our shade house. So rewarding to see it finished. I will come and give you a hand!

TJ said...

Hi Selina - your shade house looks fantastic - also seen your picture on

What is the frame made of and how did you secure it to the ground and secure the net to the frame?

Selina said...

Hi TJ,

We used star pickets which went into the ground and then used rural poly pipe which fits over them. We fixed the netting to the pipe with a staple gun.It was easier than we thought but you need to make sure you get your measurements right.